Drink Rum to(o) Health

A Misunderstood and Unsung Hero

Rum, like most alcoholic drinks, is a misunderstood and unsung hero. Alcoholism may be a rising problem but anything that is excessive is bad.

Ruta de la Caña

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Drink the Sugar Cane Spirit in Paraguay

La Caña is a traditional drink in Paraguay, obtained through fermenting and distilling the sugar cane honey (takuare’ê eira in the Guaraní language). For travellers who want to know about rum making in Paraguay, the best place to visit is Piribebuy.

Rum to Experience a Resurgence in 2023

Is Rum the Next Big Thing?

Rum has been going to be the ‘next big thing’ for the last few years, and has already overtaken the gin market. Gin is now totally saturated with so many new start distilleries.