Drink Rum to(o) Health

A Misunderstood and Unsung Hero

Rum, like most alcoholic drinks, is a misunderstood and unsung hero. Alcoholism may be a rising problem but anything that is excessive is bad. Taken in moderation, alcohol can be helpful and rum is its very tasty kind. Rum is made from sugar cane juice or its by-product called molasses. When taken in moderation, you not only experience the beverage in a much better fashion, but you also benefit from some health benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Healthy heart

Rum is beneficial for your heart, and drinking it frequently in moderation can give you a healthy and strong heart. Rum has shown to be a great cure for peripheral heart disease and avoids formation of artery blockage in the body. According to several studies and researches, it has been proved that consumption of alcohol also helps to decrease the level of cholesterol in the body.

2. Common cold

There is nothing seasonal about common cold; it can quite happen in any weather. While most of us are struggling with common cold as flu, having a small portion of rum can give relief to your throat. You need to drink one or two spoon of rum every day and this will help to treat common cold. Due to anti-bacterial property, rum helps to heal cold quickly.

3. Diabetes

It is often said that drinking rum helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the body and keeps diabetes at bay. If a person suffering from diabetes drinks one or two spoon of Old Monk every day, it is said that he would be benefited with decreased level of sugar in the body. Rum comprises medical property and proves beneficial in lowering the risk of diabetes.

4. Sore muscles

People who are continually dealing with muscle pain should certainly depend on rum to treat their muscle pain completely. A periodic consumption of rum help to increase the bone mineral in the body which further helps in giving you relief from muscle pain easily.

5. Keep scurvy away

Rum is the only drink that helps to keep scurvy away as compared to some more alcoholic beverage. Due to its medicinal properties, rum was served to sailors so that they are protected against scurvy. Those with low immunity are also suggested to take a peg or two of rum.

6. Effective Antiseptic

In a survival situation, rum can be used as an antiseptic. You can use it to clean wounds and help prevent bacteria from growing. It can also help reduce feelings of pain when applied topically (as well as ingested).

7. Decreases Your Risk of Mental Disease

Rum can lower the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and dementia! Observably, drinking too much alcohol can cause damage to your health including to your brain, but in, it decreases your risks.

8. Can improve your Libido

Moderate drinking of rum, has been confirmed to protect against erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is reduced by 25-30 % to those taking rum, but in a moderate manner. However one is not recommended to start drinking as the research is still ongoing.

9. Offers Longevity and Nutritional Benefits

In every 100 grams of rum consumed, you get 230 calories. This proves that it comprises no carbohydrates or fats. Moderated consumption of rum is proven to increase a person’s average life span by 3-5 years. This is achievable as rum consumption leads to reduction of anxiety and decreases the risks of one getting Dementia or Alzheimer, hence leading to an increment in the average life span of a person.

10. Cancer Prevention

Rum should be taken in moderation so that you can enjoy the experience and also enjoy the full depth of extending health benefits related with it. Studies have been carried out which show after a long period of time tracking participants. The study showed those who drink moderately, had a 38% lower risk of contracting kidney cancer than the people who did not drink rum. The research also showed health benefits in preventing thyroid cancer and lymphoma.

11. Reduces the risk of Gallstones

Drinking two units of rum will efficiently decrease the risk of gallstones by a third. The study proved that those who consumed rum with a lot of moderation were certain to enjoy healthier than those who drank it with no moderation.

12. Rum for De-stressing

Knocking back a cocktail is one of the most time-honored ways to chill after a stressful day of work. Alcohol, including rum, acts as a depressant that reduces the central nervous system. In other words, it’s a sedative.

13. Rum for Immunity

In addition to its warming, calming qualities, rum is rich in antimicrobial properties that can help knock out the common cold. Sailors drink rum for preventing scurvy (a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency); it was the lime in the rum that did the trick, but we still say bottoms up to a rum toddy for a nightcap.

(Credit: https://www.healthbenefitstimes.com/rum/)

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